Ice sculptors take raw material (a block of ice) and carve it and shape it into something amazing. It stands for people to appreciate and enjoy and then it slowly disappears. It’s ephemeral.

I view the arrival of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as a block of ice for everyone. You can ask AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney to quickly create multiple drafts of an idea, and they provide the raw material to better ask “what if?” without wasting days or even weeks of speculation or over-thinking.

You might have an idea for a story or a business plan that you think is genius. But after ChatGPT gives you 5 versions of it, you realize it’s only a fragment of what’s possible. The key is you can now do that work without wasting time or resources, chipping away at the ice and leaving the bits you don’t want to fall and melt away.

I know AI and AGI makes a lot of folks nervous, especially creatives. But it’s important to recognize these tools can actually help us achieve better work faster. Every time you fire up an AI tool, it’s like a digital block of ice has been delivered to your studio, and you get to refine it into something amazing.

Photo by Chait Goli