Precise Equipment

The industry's best-in-class manifold system.


UX/UI Design


Over the course of a decade, we've been the agency of record for Precise Equipment, creating everything from eCommerce strategy to product videos to the company's branding, website and more.  Their latest request was to help them brand, package and bring their latest manifold technology to market.

The result is the X-Treme Manifold, a cutting-edge leap for this market with user experience at the core of every decision.

Brand Design

Typically, these kinds of industrial products are beige, boring slabs of metal with no unique features or design ideas.  With the X-Treme, our approach was to elevate brand consistency and user experience and bring a new level of sophistication to the overall presentation.

The “X” symbol permeates every part of the product, from the logo itself to the packaging and design of the unit itself.  We also created three sub brands, utilizing the X and each of the Precise Equipment logo colors to denote industrial, medical and specialty use-cases.

X-Treme Manifold Logo - Light
X-Treme Manifold Logo - Dark

R70 G134 B144
C75 M34 Y38 K4

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

R61 G61 B61
C68 M61 Y60 K49

Web & UX/UI

As an existing client, we were responsible for previous versions of the PEC website.  With the launch of the X-Treme, their team wanted a new design that was dynamic and dramatic – something that conveyed the innovation of the new manifold while also showcasing its interesting use-cases.

The result was a sleek, modern website design that re-introduces customers to Precise Equipment’s new offerings.  It also provides for three different user-journeys based on their background: industrial, medical and specialty.