Affordable, easy, modern coastal insurance.


UX/UI Design


Long-time client South Shore Insurance wanted to develop a new consumer-driven insurance platform from scratch.  They engaged us to name, brand and design the user experience and flow for the platform.  Leading their team through our brand strategy workshop, we were able to help them align on values, mission and overall market fit.

The result is Perch, a friendly, approachable brand that's evocative of southern coastal culture, and a best-in-class app design that effortlessly guides users through securing an insurance quote.


Brand Identity

The brand identity created for Perch reflects the friendly, approachable and trusted reputation of it’s parent company, South Shore Insurance.  Our goal was to translate those values into this new brand, while visually differentiating it from competing insurance products.

The brand’s color palette includes shades of teal and sea-foam green, familiar to the sea-side communities served by the platform.  Sunset orange and oatmeal provide complimentary contrasts and evoke a beach at sunset.

The “H” in the logo itself was illustrated to represent a stilted, seaside house – a common model in the region.  The name itself represents both the natural resting spots for local wildlife as well as a customer’s own “perch.”

PERCH logo
PERCH logo

R52 G124 B128
C80 M36 Y46 K9

R168 G212 B197
C35 M2 Y26 K0

R198 G219 B209
C22 M5 K18 K0

R230 G139 B70
C7 M54 Y83 K0

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C8 M9 Y18 K0

Brand Workshop

We journeyed to Daphne, Alabama for a brand workshop with the wonderful team at Perch. The workshop was necessary to establish a solid foundation for their brand strategy and visual identity by exploring the who, what, where, why, and how of their business. Through engaging exercises and conversations, we spent a day with them and crafted the beautiful brand you see today. Notably, we helped name the company “Perch” as it perfectly aligns with their vision of creating a friendly and welcoming brand that feels like your helpful next-door neighbor.

PERCH brand workshop
PERCH brand workshop photo

Web & UX/UI

Using the prototyping tool Figma, we were able to create a visual wireframe for the entire application and walk through it with the Perch team.  Once the flow and functionality was locked, we then added the design layer onto the same prototype.

PERCH app showcase

Collateral Design

We also designed a wide range of supporting elements – perfect for use in marketing collateral, additional app functionality and brand storytelling.

PERCH graphic element
PERCH business cards
PERCH graphic element
PERCH graphic element