New Altitude Coworking

A leader in the “new normal” of coworking.


UX/UI Design
Wordpress Development


New Altitude is a community-focused coworking space located in Colorado Springs, offering a welcoming and collaborative environment for individuals and teams to work in.  Their values of inclusivity, empathy, and intentionality are reflected in their branding, wayfinding, website and collateral, which were created to effectively communicate their mission to their members and the public.

New Altitude Coworking & Office Space logo
New Altitude Coworking icon


A bright and diverse color palette, complemented by abstract supporting graphic elements that evoke a creative and inclusive atmosphere. The use of bold, clean, sans-serif fonts adds to the brand’s dynamic identity, effectively communicating the values of diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration. Overall, the branding is a perfect representation of the space’s community-focused approach.

C76 M29 Y60 K9
R66 G133 B115

C25 M12 Y32 K0
R193 G203 B178

C0 M89 Y78 K0
R254 G62 B59

C4 M16 Y88 K0
R245 G207 B60

C4 M0 Y51 K0
R249 G243 B150

C2 M0 Y20 K0
R251 G249 B211

New Altitude Coworking & Office Space logo
New Altitude Coworking & Office Space logo
New Altitude Coworking & Office Space logo

Brand Workshop

At the beginning of their journey, New Altitude had a fantastic idea with the potential to make a significant impact on their community. However, they lacked a name and visual branding to represent their concept. This is where our brand workshop came into play. We facilitated various exercises and thought-provoking discussions, leading to the birth of the name “New Altitude”.  The workshop took place during the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a theme centered around creating a new normal and an empowering environment for people to work in. These words became the driving force behind the brand.

Witnessing the team’s excitement and passion during the workshop was a remarkable experience that allowed us to connect and work as a cohesive team. We were able to produce an aligned brand strategy, visual branding, and brand voice easily and successfully from this workshop.

New Altitude Coworking brand workshop
Realistic brand workshop photo


The wayfinding design was crucial in creating a welcoming environment for New Altitude. With ample opportunities for signage in the building – the use of abstract graphics and our diverse color palette effectively brought the space to life.  As a result, the user experience was greatly improved with clear and intuitive wayfinding which help members navigate the space with ease.

New Altitude Coworking wayfinding photo
New Altitude Coworking photo
New Altitude Coworking photo

Web & UX/UI

New Altitude’s website was built with the same care for intention and user experience as the rest of the brand.  Our primary goal was to effectively communicate the benefits of joining the community and highlighting available space and membership options.

The result is an important tool that attracts and engages prospective members, highlighting the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and a welcoming atmosphere.

New Altitude Coworking website showcase