5Five Fashion

High-end fashion for badass women.


Copy & Voice


Artist Michelle Decourcy was launching a new fashion line aimed at hip, independent, professional women.  She engaged us to conduct a full brand workshop, getting to the core of what 5Five is.  We worked closely with Michelle and her business team to clarify their thinking, articulate the message and craft fashion branding that is every bit as rebellious and forward-thinking as the amazing clothing being designed.

5Five Fashion logo
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Brand Identity

| fahyv |

1:  an unapologetic, authentic revolutionary who is uncompromising in her demand for freedom of thought and action; a person for whom style is a priority but ironing is not; a driven, substantive world-changer who also loves a perfect cigarette pant.

2: a dynamic and daring fashion statement that is simple, luxurious,
versatile, sus tainable and confidence-boosting.

R0 G0 B0
C0 M0 Y0 K100

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

R219 G199 B110
C16 M17 Y69 K0

R239 G187 B168
C4 M30 Y30 K0

5Five Fashion logo
5Five Fashion logo

Brand Workshop

The 5Five brand workshop was a 4-hour session that covered all essential elements of creating a solid blueprint for the brand. The session started by defining the company’s mission to create a movement that improves the emotional health of women by reimagining the meaning of fashion and style. Participants then identified visual aesthetics from a shared Pinterest board that inspired the edgy and bold visual direction. Throughout the workshop, we guided brainstorming sessions utilizing various techniques and tools, resulting in insightful conversations that helped shape a unique, rebellious brand that truly represents 5Five.

5Five Fashion brand workshop

Collateral Design

Every piece of design collateral presented an opportunity to experiment and explore the possibilities with the established branding. The utilization of bold fonts and impactful photography helped to achieve an editorial yet edgy aesthetic that accurately represented the 5Five brand.

5Five Fashion box art
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5Five Fashion graphic element
5Five Fashion graphic element
5Five Fashion graphic element
5Five Fashion graphic element