Over the past 14 years as a design professional, I have witnessed numerous instances that have reinforced the importance of strong communication between designers and clients. When we establish clear goals and expectations while maintaining consistent channels of communication, it builds trust and fosters a stronger relationship with the client, ultimately leading to a more successful final product with fewer errors.

Many designers begin their careers as artists, and while their ability to generate amazing original ideas is commendable, it can sometimes hinder their communication skills. This can create a disconnect when trying to align their vision with that of the client, and subsequently, trust may not be fully established.

As a creative professional, mastering the art of interpersonal communication is crucial for retaining and attracting clients. Clients invest their money in our services, and in almost every instance when something goes wrong, it can be traced back to a breakdown in communication between the designer and the client.

Learning to ask the right questions and provide comprehensive answers is the key to becoming a “great designer.” Every project that has turned out exceptionally well for me can be attributed to regular communication with the client, where they felt seen, heard, and understood.

In conclusion, great design is the outcome of effective communication. By prioritizing clear and open communication throughout the design process, we can ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are met, resulting in successful and satisfying outcomes.

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov